A free, open source NX server from google; Neatx

Helping people from afar, it’s always nice to be able to log on and see their screen. It’s also cool to be able to log in on your desktop (not server, we use SSH for that) wherever you are. Ohwell, I always run SSH on my computers anyway, but my dad has two computers and wants to use one or the other graphically.

Right now I use VNC (vino-server), but it’s truly dead slow. I’ve seen other people using NX from NoMachine and I’ve been impressed. I tried it myself (the FreeNX-server, that is), but I was never able to make it work.

Google also saw that the FreeNX server was hard to maintain, so they started a FOSS NX server from scratch; Neatx. Great!

It’s still not «released» for the general public, but I’m planning on keeping my eyes on it. Thought I’d just give people a heads up in case they’ve also tried FreeNX and couldn’t really make it work.

Update 25th of July, I thought they made a release because of the LWN headline but still not. Plenty of good information in the LWN article (as always!) though: Google releases Neatx NX server

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