At FrOSCon with Lumiera

It seems rather long ago now, but it really isn’t. Not this weekend, nor the last, but the one before that again me and my girlfriend Helene visited FrOSCon to meet up with parts of the Lumiera-community.

We were there mostly to recruit developers, as we’re kinda short on that front. Everybody is always wanting to recruit more developers, but other projects also have a much smaller community and user base waiting for it, than Lumiera has. So they also need to show themselves and get people to use the project. Sadly, we’re not in that position yet, as Lumiera still is not able to do a single cut.

However, that was always the plan anyway, to do things correctly, fast and extensible. That is no small task when we’re talking about video editing. Lumiera is also built so that it can do rather complex compositing, and do so in a smart fashion – another point on the “it’s a big project”-list.

Anyway, we got some considerable interest. I talked with a cool OpenMoko-guy that’s primarily into «low level» stuff. Just what we need. What’s even better, he was interested in helping. Sadly I haven’t found him on the net now after we left in a hurry to catch our plane.

I’m also going to help on uWiki so we can get it finished and hopefully accelerate the growth of the Lumiera code base.

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    1. The development stumbles on. There are many thousands lines of code, and the code base is changing. But no idea how fast/far it’s progressing.

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