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Dog slow nautilus file copy, or SD card

So. Downloading the 1.4GB file was humming along at 10MiB/s. It went very fast. Helene’s computer is constantly crashing, some hardware error (must be, crashes/hangs are too random), so I was going to transfer it to her via SD-card.

So, put it in. SDHC-card no less, not the slow ones. Guess what rate I got?

Yes. 1MiB/s. Oh my fscking god. Unbelievable. It’s so slow.

As if that wasn’t enough, the file copying is really killing my entire computer. I mean, 9 in load – and a completely frozen machine for almost a minute. Are you kidding me? Have we really not come further?

I’m appalled. File IO is scheduling for desktop should really be fixed. Yes-yes, I know I’m championing for both better latency and better throughput, but puhleeze. Doing stuff over the internet is so goddamn fast and doesn’t hang the computer.

Can we get some of that for removable storage as well? Please?

100% computer geek, be very afraid

So, apparently:

My computer geek score is greater than 100% of all people in the world!

And they also say;

Your computer geekiness is:

Step aside Bill Gates, Linus Torvalds, and Steve Jobs… You are by far the SUPREME COMPUTER GOD!!!

Ohwell. I only answered truthfully to all the questions, and actually though “fsck, I won’t get full score on that question, but cheating is no fun”. And then I get a score that’s 100% better than everyone else.

Like, I do actually have a girlfriend, and she is not geeky, etc.

Anyway, it’s a stupid test. A bit funny at times though ;-)

A bit sad getting that score as well though. I should really spend less time on the computer.

My computer geek score is greater than 100% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

But I also like pretty things, – while that picture looks really horrible.

The Lena standard test image, full version (!)

Wow. I just stumbled upon the Lena test image (I was looking for restoration techniques). Every single person having an interest in digital image compression has often seen this picture. I’ve seen it in my text-books and on the net long before I even knew how to program.

It’s a beautiful picture, and I have actually thought about where it’s from many times. Because this picture had a caption saying this was «Lena», I started searching and reading up on the picture.

Turns out it’s from Playboy November 1972! And it’s a crop! That’s an interesting turn.

So, after scouring the web, I found the full image (it wasn’t really that hard either).

I always thought that picture had a more painted feel to it, now I know it’s the scanner they used to scan it. Because the real picture looks more, uh, real. I actually prefer the colors in the cropped Lena-picture. But that may as well be because I love the picture after seeing it so often (and think of it as the real version).

So, here it is, in all it’s glory.

So, there’s a bit of added trivia. I’ve used much time on this now, should start doing something else. :-)

Open source distributed social web, to take over from Facebook etc

I’ve been extremely interested in the distributed social web. I’m not a member of Facebook, and I don’t like their walled garden at all. I want to be able to own my own information and I want to customize and add friends from all over without using proprietary systems.

That’s the reason why I support (and use) identica instead of Twitter. is not only a new microblogging site, but it implements the OpenMicroBlogging-standard so that you can add friends and follow them from other microblogging-sites as well. Great! Whilst sites like Twitter and Facebook keep your friends as hostages, making it hard for you to leave for better/cooler/free-er services.

Anyway, I’ve been very interested in an Open Source distributed (well, actually it doesn’t have to be distributed either) app I can install on my web server to host my pictures. It has to support tagging of the pictures and be web 2.0-certified.

Right now these big social networks doesn’t really fit the bill for me. I’ve been looking at noserub, which is a protocol for a distributed social web, plus an example application that aggregates information about your friends. Kinda lean, but it doesn’t host my pictures although it may be the route to make such an application distributed. There is also the diso-project which aims to do something similar, but implementing a set of plugins for WordPress so that it can act as your «page» in the social web. All this is extremely interesting, and Ive found pixelsbi’s web site to be a very good resource.

He’s talking about the distributed social web and OpenID, very worth subscribing to if you are interested in these matters. A few good posts you should read:

He also has a screencast describing what a distributed social network could be, I linked that to readwriteweb that also has some more text around distributed social networking.

So… All of this I already knew (for a day or two). But earlier today, I started to find these open source networks I talked about. I don’t know how distributed they are, but that should be possible being that they are free as in freedom. So right now I’m looking at three social networks (there are many more):

Of those, I think Elgg looks most promising. I want to rip it down, because I’m really only interested in having myself on it. Everyone else can use their own home page as their «profile» or use a bigger site. Maybe I can set up one of these on my server for other people if they seem to be of interest. I’ll look into it.

I hope I’m able to at least pull out the Gallery-component from one of them and make a really good open source flickr-like application. That would be nice.