Cinelerra crash and burn, sadly without sound

I started importing some video from my Nikon D90 the 14th December. I did some filming the day before with my beautiful girlfriend. I was bothering her taking video all the time. And so I wanted to test Cinelerra some more, I actually feel I can make videos in it, my last trial went very well so I was really into it. Now, a whole decade later (4 days) I still haven’t finished it.

This is due to a common fault in Cinelerra known as “crash”. It happens all the time. Often I press play, and the program deadlocks (or something) and I’m not able to gain control over it again. It just continues to move the cursor without updating the video nor doing anything else useful. Really horrible. That is, as far as I know, the reason why the excellent project Lumiera was created. Oh, the video editor will be excellent – but right now it’s only the non-working extremely pre-alpha project that is excellent.

Anyway, I’ve tried on and off with different settings, including the famous “Avoid alsa lockups”. … No, I checked it “Stop playback locks up”. No avail. Still no sound (sometimes) and still crashy buggy existence. I may be able to do a few operations on the video before it crashes yet again, but it’s not really effective working like that.

I so want to be able to work effectively with video on Linux; but it isn’t easy. I intend to try out OpenMovieEditor, as it looks quite capable and good. The developer, Richard Spindler, is very cool at least. I respect him a lot. I tried it once before, I couldn’t really use it. But at that time I also said I couldn’t use Cinelerra, and went quickly back to my Mac and Final Cut Pro. Anyway, it seems OpenMovieEditor has come a long way the last year.

Anyway, I don’t really think OME will do it for me, I’ve heard so little talk about it. I’m open, but I still feel that professional video editing in Linux is a sad story.

Maybe you’ll see my test video some day. It’s not good at all, it’s only testing using a DSLR for more “unplanned family excursions” type videography.

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