Firefox 3.5 (or Swiftweasel) + Video is HOT

I’m so extremely thrilled that Firefox 3.5 will be getting so incredible nice video support.

I took a small clip from my Nikon D90, and lo’ and behold. Did a quick ffmpeg2theora (yes, I know it sucks right now, but Thusnelda will fix that, and I couldn’t be bothered to dowload the GREAT improvements on Theora lately), and used the wordpress upload function. Of course, WordPress is rather stupid, so I had to write the tag myself, but damn that is ever so easy.

Anyone think this is as easy as embedding pictures? You’re damn right! I’m so thrilled with this. You can see my small clip of the river outside my bedroom and my girlfriend talking/singing on my norwegian blog.

Grreat! If you use Swiftweasel 3.5 (quick as hell!) or Firefox 3.5 you’ll be able to see the video with no problem. And it’s actually very nice to use. Much better than any of the video solutions I’ve seen before. It’s even better than the flash-players we’re used to seeing (because you can easily download the video).

Sorry that markdown plugin wasn’t on Habari for a short time, I’ve installed it again now. :-)

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