Hanging machine with NFS home folders; an unexpected fix

So I got complaints that one of the Ubuntu machines at work couldn’t even write an email without hanging and Thunderbird/Firefox getting all gray/dark. Incredible frustrating, I know after using it a few minutes.

This was just adding up to the negative experiences some of my co-workers have with my Ubuntu Linux requirement option for them. Of course, unhappy coworkers make for a very un-nice working environment for me. Problems with Ubuntu Linux will pretty quick accumulate in everyone suggesting we just buy a boatload of licenses from Microsoft. We all know all the faults with doing such a thing, so I’m resisting it. Especially since there shouldn’t be a reason we have to use Windows. But these cases are really real problems.

So I’ve been kinda bummed about this the last month. I’ve used much time trying to find the problem. Then while I was in bed last night I remembered that I stole a switch from one of the rooms and replaced it with a HUB saying to my coworkers while leaving:

Now you’ll burn with extreme low network performance, MOHAHAWAHWAHWHA. I’ll return it shortly, kthxbye.

And now, zoom two months forward, still not replaced. And the switch I took is dusting away in a box after I was finished with it.

Coming to the office, I saw immediatly I was right. There it was sitting, that shitty HUB. I can’t believe that anyone actually used such crappy equipment once upon a time. HUBs really do suck.

It was fun exactly 5 minutes to see the collision-light on the HUB and Firefox getting all dark gray in sync, staying like that for a few seconds. After I switched in the switch (;-)) performance peaked again. Ahh. Nice. So now I can continue rolling out Ubuntu machines (yay).

I was very happy about this, as I said on my norwegian microblog:

JAAA! EG FANN FEILEN! Eg sa NFS saug, maskini her hang seg ofte. Men eg fann ein HUB i netverket til @neitileu! DOH DOH DOH! Kollisjon!

Translated that is: YEES! I FOUND THE ERROR! I said NFS sucked, the machine here hung often. But I found a HUB in no to EU’s network! DOH DOH DOH! Collision!

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