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Make colorgcc colors bright

I have a dark background in my terminal. For vim I always set background=dark, and that fixes the colors. However, I couldn’t find a way to stop colorgcc from being broken.

I didn’t find any answers using the search engine I use. So in the end I resorted to just reading the code, and lo’ and behold, that normally helps.

So open up that /etc/colorgcc/colorgccrc file that you found out was no help. It’s not documented in the file, but if you change the colors to say e.g. bright_blue instead of blue, it’ll work!

colorgcc is using Term::ANSIColor, and they take that, plus a few other bonus options if you’re interested.

In Ubuntu Linux it seems to work out of the box, but my work computer is running Arch Linux – so that might be why.

Anyway, hope that will make it findable in future when I have totally forgot how I did that. :P