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Japan Tsunami/Earthquake: Internet, damn resilient

So, every other means of communication went down. Internet is what still works. Why? Well, it was designed to be resilient, to survive nuclear war.

I hope that this can stop the downplaying and destruction of the open, free, distributed internet.

What makes the Internet great, is this distributed design. Politicians want to remove that, in order to stop child porn on the web. That must not happen, because first of all, it won’t really help, and secondly, the Internet’s free role and non-centralized design helps freedom, combats cencorship, and in this case, allows for resilient systems that can easily be extended.

Maybe, instead of wanting to censor the internet, we want to make it even easier to make backbones to the internet. Ghettonet.

If interested in this, you may want to read about Freedom box;


Actually, seeing this crisis made me donate money to the FreedomBox foundation.