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Dog slow nautilus file copy, or SD card

So. Downloading the 1.4GB file was humming along at 10MiB/s. It went very fast. Helene’s computer is constantly crashing, some hardware error (must be, crashes/hangs are too random), so I was going to transfer it to her via SD-card.

So, put it in. SDHC-card no less, not the slow ones. Guess what rate I got?

Yes. 1MiB/s. Oh my fscking god. Unbelievable. It’s so slow.

As if that wasn’t enough, the file copying is really killing my entire computer. I mean, 9 in load – and a completely frozen machine for almost a minute. Are you kidding me? Have we really not come further?

I’m appalled. File IO is scheduling for desktop should really be fixed. Yes-yes, I know I’m championing for both better latency and better throughput, but puhleeze. Doing stuff over the internet is so goddamn fast and doesn’t hang the computer.

Can we get some of that for removable storage as well? Please?