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New release 1.2 of remove_domain_part plugin for WordPress

When I put the plugin and howto guide out for how to make WordPress multisite work without WordPress monopolizing your main domain, I thought it’d maybe help one or two people a year. However, in this short amount of time I’ve gotten quite a few people looking at it.

So I’ve been fixing bugs and problems they’ve come up with. I just released version 1.2 of my remove_domain_part plugin which is a part of the full setup in the guide.

The changes from 1.0:

  • Frontend signup is now supported.
  • Works on more picky PHP installations.
  • Rewrites activation emails, removing any instances of REMOVE_DOMAIN_PART that it can find.

A better place

If people really start to use it, I should probably put it up on the WordPress plugin directory so that people can get updates and have a better place of finding the plugin.

I thought this use case was extremely small, and hence I didn’t want to invest any time in putting it correctly up. However, it might be beneficial now that I’m not the sole user of the plugin any more.