The Lena standard test image, full version (!)

Wow. I just stumbled upon the Lena test image (I was looking for restoration techniques). Every single person having an interest in digital image compression has often seen this picture. I’ve seen it in my text-books and on the net long before I even knew how to program.

It’s a beautiful picture, and I have actually thought about where it’s from many times. Because this picture had a caption saying this was «Lena», I started searching and reading up on the picture.

Turns out it’s from Playboy November 1972! And it’s a crop! That’s an interesting turn.

So, after scouring the web, I found the full image (it wasn’t really that hard either).

I always thought that picture had a more painted feel to it, now I know it’s the scanner they used to scan it. Because the real picture looks more, uh, real. I actually prefer the colors in the cropped Lena-picture. But that may as well be because I love the picture after seeing it so often (and think of it as the real version).

So, here it is, in all it’s glory.

So, there’s a bit of added trivia. I’ve used much time on this now, should start doing something else. :-)

2 thoughts on “The Lena standard test image, full version (!)”

  1. Damn, I did burst in laugh when I figured source for this image. Well played, well played..

  2. I think many students who majored in image processing or compression are familiar with this image and Lenna. I had done the same. You remind me…, Thanks

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